The Difference is Clear

The difference is clearWe are proud to be a Michigan-based business that has been operating for over 60 years. We have supplied everything from major businesses and counties to the average next door neighbor looking for a clear driveway. We are devoted to providing an environmentally safe solution for crystal clear roads during winter conditions and dust control during the summer - at a competitive price.

Unlike many other companies - we are focused on only two things - de-icing solutions for winter application and dust control solutions for summer application. We are pleased to operate two excellent wells in Michigan and our product is differentiated from our competition by the clarity and absence of problem-causing contaminants. That is why at Ivy we say... "The Difference is Clear".

Customer Service is the ear mark of any great company. That is why our number one consideration is you and how we can serve you best. Please contact us today and find out why Ivy Environmental Solutions should be your first choice for de-icing and dust control solutions.