Dust Contol Solutions

Dust control solutionsDust control is an essential tool for road maintenance. Ivy offers dust control solutions that include a variety of benefits and can help solve issues involving dust. Dust can cause or increase breathing problems or enhance existing health problems. Excessive dust on a road can cause a safety hazard, large amounts of dust can reduce visibility and increase the chances for car accidents. Dust can cause excessive wear on equipment by clogging air filters, wearing on brakes and shocks along with other moving parts. Roads that go untreated by dust control solutions will require frequent grading and rock replacement. The use of dust control solutions is extremely important.

Ivy Dust Control

Tote - Dust Control Solution - from IvyThe fine particles in dust are important to the stability of unpaved roads. When dust is blowing the road begins to break down causing potholes, ruts, washboards, loss of profile, loss of ditch lines, and other problems. The answer to dust control is keeping the wet because moisture helps dust particles adhere to each other and to larger aggregates, allowing for optimum compaction and road quality.

By using Ivy Dust Control in your wetting process you can reduce costs while increasing the length of time the road dust stays moist between treatments. Ivy Dust Control helps the road remain dense and compact under almost any level of traffic because the Calcium Chloride contained in the product keeps moisture in the road even under summer sun and heat. An unpaved road stabilized with Ivy Dust Control retains a smooth dustless surface that is environmentally friendly and lasts longer. Ivy Dust Control is effective in treating:

  • County Roads
  • Truck Terminals
  • Mine Haul Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Military Training Sites
  • More 

Why is Ivy Dust Control necessary?

Address Human Health Concerns: Dust can increase or cause breathing problems, damage lung tissue, aggravate existing health problems Ivy Dust Control reduces the harmful health effects of dust in the air.

Decrease Safety Hazards: Dust can reduce visibility and cause unnecessary accidents. Ivy Dust Control helps ensure better visibility. 

Decrease Excessive Equipment Wear: Dust clogs air filters, causes brake wear, grinds on bearings, shocks and other moving parts. Ivy Dust Control helps equipment owners / operators better maintain and reduce the maintenance costs associated with excessive dust.

Decrease Road Maintenance: Untreated roads require frequent grading and rock replacement. Ivy Dust Control helps lengthen the time between road treatments reducing costs and improving the driving experience.

Community Relations: Uncontrolled dust can irritate nearby citizens. Ivy Dust Control helps those responsible for gravel roads be better neighbors.

Regulatory Fines: Local, state and national regulations are in place. Fines can reach $25,000 per day! Ivy Dust Control helps avoid unnecessary fines.