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Salt Brine Solution - Ivy Hot Brine

Salt Brine Solution - Ivy Hot Brine

The benefits of Ivy Hot Brine and Eco Brine include:

  • Adheres to the roadway better than with dry materials. 
  • Prewetted materials begin dissolving snowpack and ice faster than dry materials. 
  • The quantity of materials can be reduced when prewetted, since less materials leave the roadway during spreading. 
  • Corrosion of equipment is minimized by spraying liquid brine with salt at the spinner. 
  • Operators report quicker melting with the prewetting process, which means better service to the traveling public.
  • Eco Brine is over 70% less corrosive.
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Ivy Hot / Eco Brine Application Rates

Anti-Icing Rates
I gallon covers 1615 square feet
26.9 gallons are needed per acre
40 - 60 gallons per lane mile

De-Icing Rates
1 gallon covers 1200 square feet
33.6 gallons are needed per acre
60 - 80 gallons per lane mile