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Rock Salt Doesn't Melt Anything

by host on Monday, February 6, 2012 7:33 AM

The author describes several several tests that he ran to demonstrate the truth of salt brine's role in  the melting process. First he sprayed a side of a cold plate with a 23% sodium chloride brine instantly eliminating the frost. As well he talked about spraying half his driveway with a brine solution and in the morning that side of the driveway was bare while the other side was snow covered. Finally, the article concludes showing how road authorities that use liquid de-icing products like Ivy Hot Brine or Eco Brine actually provide better service and save money over those simply using rock salt. He explains that the effect of rock salt only lasts a day. Therefore, over the course of four days the authority would apply approximately 400kg of rock salt for every kilometer of two lane highway. However one application of salt brine would last the same four days providing a 94% reduction in the use of salt and much safer conditions.

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